Listen for events happening in Clarityflow.

Webhooks enable your app or service to listen for events happening in Clarityflow (formerly known as ZipMessage) and get notified via HTTP POST requests.

Tip: webhook.site is a handy utility for testing webhooks and inspecting their payloads.

Registering Webhooks

Go to Settings > Integrations > Manage Webhooks.

Input the Webhook URL.

Select at least 1 Clarityflow event to trigger sending to this webhook URL. These events are available. Click each to see more information.

Consuming Webhooks

When an event occurs that triggers a webhook, we will send an HTTP POST to the URL you specified, with a JSON-encoded body.

Webhook request bodies include:

  "type": "conversation_created",
  "id": "862f22c9-b692-4b3f-9d7e-dcf64172719e",
  "occurred_at": "2022-04-01T10:06:53.992-04:00",
  "payload": {

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